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450+ Delicious & Nutritious Recipes. From Sweet to Savory, and Meat to Veggie.


I absolutely LOVE food. I am a self-proclaimed “Foodie.” I have taken vacations specifically for the food, ordered a second meal because of how great it was, and am willing to try just about anything at least once.


My flavor pallet knowns no bounds. Somedays I want a nice salad, others I crave something chocolaty, and sometimes I want to be a child and eat Chicken Strips and Mac & Cheese. However, all that food can take a toll on your waistline…


That is why while creating this cookbook, one of my goals was to keep foods tasting as good as possible, while cutting out all the junk and unhealthy ingredients. Ultimately creating recipes that not only taste AMAZING but are also healthy at the same time.


Here you will find more than 470 deliciously, mouth-watering recipes that you, your friends, and family will love. I know I very much enjoyed creating and personally taste testing every single recipe in this book, and I hope you will too!

Recipe Vault - Cookbook

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