The most, in-depth program I have ever created. Perfect for every athlete that is looking to get stronger, faster, and perfect their movements.


Through this program you will learn to lift heavy weights with speed and tempo, build muscle, and work through precision technique drills focused on improving your Olympic lifts from the bottom up.


Weekly Outline:

Day 1 - Squats (Back/Front)

Day 2 - Technique Drills

Day 3 - Push (Bench/Shoulder Press)

Day 4 - Active Recovery or Rest

Day 5 - Technique Drills

Day 6 - Pull (DL/RDL)

Day 7 - Rest


*See photo for Daily Outline


**Excel Doc will have 7 Tabs:

  1. Schedule & Outline (pictured)
  2. Day-to-Day Training - breaks down each day specifically allowing you to track weights.
  3. Technique Drills - list of drills designed to improve your Olympic lifting technique.
  4. Olympic WODs - workouts with a focus on Olympic lifting.
  5. Cardio WODs - workouts designed to make you SWEAT and improve endurance.
  6. Core WODs - workouts focused on developing a strong core.
  7. Misc WODs.

Olympic - Speed & Power Program