Program Overview, Goals & Objectives:

– Length = 12 Weeks.
– Foundational Power – Strong Olympic Pulls, Sub Max. Olympic Lifts, Plyometrics.
– Overhead Speed and Positioning.
– Endurance – AMRAPs, Cardio WODs, and Sub Max. Loads with shorter intervals
– Increase Snatch/Clean Technique and Stability for the Olympic Strength program to follow


Weekly Outline:

Sunday – Rest
Monday – Legs (Back Squat), DL
Tuesday – Push/Pull Body Building, Gymnastic Volume, Cardio
Wednesday – Cleans, AMRAP
Thursday – Active Recovery or Rest
Friday – Legs (Front Squat), Gymnastic Strength, AMRAP
Saturday – Snatch, Push/Pull Body Building, Cardio

Foundational Power & Endurance Program