Healthy Living CHALLENGE

What is it?

This is NOT your typical "30 Day" or complete it and you're done type of challenge. In fact, it isn't even technically a challenge. It's about creating a healthier lifestyle through small and sustainable changes that lead to a lifetime of health and happiness.

The Healthy Living Challenge is all about creating a healthy lifestyle through hard work, goal setting, tracking your nutrition and exercise and celebrating your very real results that lead to a healthy lifestyle change! It'll challenge you to form new habits and reshape the way you think about your health while building motivation and accountability along the way.

That's why there is no specific timeline or end date. I've designed this program to be something that lasts for a lifetime while promoting good overall health. The goal of the challenge is to build a sustainable diet and exercise routine that fits into your schedule and lifestyle with convenience that doesn't make you give up the things you truly want.

What comes with it?

The Healthy Living Challenge is a 46 page PDF that has 4 main sections with a lot of built in links to help you navigate through my website with ease. There is also blank space and highlighted information for you to fill out along the way. These spaces are designed to get you thinking about your goals, habits and reasons for wanting this lifestyle change right away. You'll set up SMART goals, specific reasons for those changes and choose a workout and nutrition program that works for YOU!!!

Section 1 - Intro:

Sets you up for success right from the jump! Details the program as a whole, telling you what to expect from the very beginning.

It does come with a homework assignment right away - don't worry, it's very easy.

Section 2 - Motivation:

Throughout this challenge you’ll continue to grow and reshape your mindset into one that’s more positive and uplifting. You’ll build confidence in your mind and body and find that you’re capable of more than you thought.

Section 3 - Nutrition:

Details two different styles of eating: 1. Tracking your Diet. 2. Eating with your Hand.

You'll create a custom meal plan that fits into your lifestyle and isn't restricting. It'll allow you to eat the foods you really want, just with moderation and guidance.

Section 4 - Workout Programs:

There are five workout programs to choose from based on your personal goals - Body Weight, HIIT, Size, Strength, & Cardio.


All programs come with a warm up, main component and stretching/foam rolling. There are also links throughout that will take you to different pages on the website adding more variety and personalization.

Your Reward?

The Healthiest, Happiest version of yourself both Physically AND Mentally.

Join the Challenge

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3. Corporate Partnership

I highly suggest becoming a member. Not only will you have access to the Healthy Living Challenge, but you will also have full access to the other hundreds of recipes, videos, programs and everything else there is to offer. You truly won't find a better deal for the cost.

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